Fifth Wheel Couplings

Fifth wheel couplings are fitted to a tractor unit to connect it to the trailer.
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Fifth wheel couplings are vehicle attaching parts that are subject to mandatory design approval and on which the highest safety requirements are placed. We can supply a suitable fifth wheel coupling for all applications, thus always guaranteeing a safe and secure link between the tractor and trailer.

When mounting, using, converting or exchanging our fifth wheel couplings, the vehicle manufacturer’s notes, JOST instructions for mounting and use, and the relevant national regulations must be observed. In Germany these are §§19, 20, 21, 27 of the “StVZO” Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Design / Features
JOST fifth wheel couplings fulfil the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, simple operation and ease of servicing. This results in the following benefits: 

  High level of operating reliability
  Can be used in complicated loading conditions
  Automatic latch arrangement
  Only a visual inspection is required to ensure proper engagement
  Protection against unauthorised opening is possible using a padlock
Ease of servicing 
  Infinite adjustment of the locking mechanism, thus resulting in lower wear
  Wearing ring is easy to replace
  Easily replaceable top plate liners
  Wearing parts can be replaced without having to remove the fifth wheel
Simple operation
  Long, easy-reach handle
  The operator does not get dirty
Technical Specifications
  JSK 26D   JSK 36 DV
  JSK 38 C   JSK 38 G
  JSK 50   JSK 36 C
  JSK 37C / CW  

PDF Download

  JSK 36 C
  JSK 36 DV-S
  JSK 37C / CW
  JSK 38C
  JSK 38 G
  JSK 50
  JSK 52


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